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  • BÖWE Textile Cleaning Systems

    70 years Competence & Quality. Today BÖWE delivers high quality PERC and MULTISOLVENT® dry cleaning machines to the world. BÖWE’s history – located in the Black Forest in Germany – started in 1945 with the foundation of the company by Max Böhler and Ferdinand Weber after the end of the Second World War. As a supplier for several companies they had the idea of developing dry cleaning machines. Five years later Böhler and Weber presented the first dry cleaning machine for garments. That was the beginning of a success story and today BÖWE delivers innovative and high quality machines to the market throughout the world. Get the benefit out of dry cleaning machines with over 70 years experience.

  • Grandimpianti washers and dryers
  • Fimas laundry equipment

    Ironing tables, dummys, presses, spotting cabinet, roll and flatwork ironers, generators etc.

  • Packing Machines Artmecc