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  • Food Industry

    Emulsifiers, conservators, stabilizers and acidity regulators, aromatics, dyes, sweeteners, anti-caking substances, vitamins, amino acids and other:

  • Feed Industry

    Proteins and amino acids, preservatives, macronutrients, microelements, disinfectant substances,vitamins, stabilizers and acidity regulators, feed materials, aromatics, dyes and other:

  • Glass Industry

    Raw materials for glass production, polishing substances, dyes, fluxes, extras and other:

  • Household chemicals and cosmetic industry

    Surfactants, dissolvents, active ingredients, dyes, aromatics, acids, bases and other:

  • Painting industry

    Dissolvents, pigments, fillers, thickeners and other:

  • Other Industries

    Substances for textile, paper and leather industry, substances for chemical synthesis and plastics, electroplating materials and other: