A model of efficiency and quality
The new range of BÖWE washer extractors has been designed taking into account the selection of the appropriate materials and tests under the toughest working conditions. Factors such as ergonomics, easy operation, energy saving, durability and low maintenance have been decisive in the development of this range. 

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Technical Details: 
- Loading Capacities:
10KG, 13KG, 18KG, 25KG, 35KG, 45KG, 60KG, 120 KG
- Heating: Electrical / Steam

Touch-Screen with:
- 33 Languages
- USB-Port
- 26 Pre Set Programs
- Eco-Mode
- Automatic Liquid detergent Dosing Pump

The new 4.3" screen TP control is available in 33 different languages and is equipped with a USB port that allows software updates, programming and data import/export for traceability purposes. The user friendly intuitive icon programming system allows you to select from 26 pre-set programs, create new custom programs or use the economy mode cycles which provides energetic savings and reduces washing times. In the AQUEOUS© washers the system can also be configured to run Wet Cleaning washing cycles that use independent automatic liquid detergent dosing pumps ( standard 8 signals with time and delay selection). In large capacities the LAUNDRY AID features with water and rotation control help to load easily the linen and the AUTOMATIC WEIGHING SYSTEM (optional) that automatically adjusts water, soap and energy in relation to the linen load present in the machine with savings up to 30%.

  • 33 different language selection
  • Create Wet Cleaning cycles with complete regulation of water levels (hot/cold or mixed option) temperatures and spin selection
  • use the manual detergent hoper or select the automatic liquid dosing (standard 8 liquid dosing signals with time delay selection)
  • Delayed wash start function of the machine according to a set time & date
  • USB port for washer software updates, import and export data
  • New Traceability available that includes date from all washing process, operation temperatures, water levels and more that can be downloaded from the USB port.
  • New Loading aid feature with water and rotation control for easy linen loading


System Features

  • Stainless steel machine housing, tub & drum
  • Ergonomic and easy access to the control board that I mounted on a front hinged panel
  • Cascade Drum with increased gentle mechanical action & perforate ribs
  • Detergent hoper box with 4 compartments (prewash, wash, bleach and softeners)
  • The machine is equipped with a water duct and easy detergent connection; this complies with the UK WRAS standards and can be connected an external pump system that can be purchase separately
  • Standard 3rd water inlet valve for water recycling or use of ozone or soft water
  • Optimal load balance system that allows to detects the assigned load and adapt to water levels & chemicals.
  • Imbalance Inverter system for a smoother operation cycle, shorter washing time, energy saving & machine life time


Warranty on parts
1 year (excl. wearing parts)
3 years on drum bearings & seals

Safety features
CE, WRSA, ETL approved (WBWH models only)
Safety temperature limit switch
Safety door lock for loading door
Safety unbalance limit switch